First Day of School

Dear Parents of Fifth Graders,


We have had a great first day back to school.  Your children came to us with smiling faces and eager to make new friends.  Today, we learned about classroom expectations and a little about each other.  We will do some more getting to know each other activities over the next two days.  On Thursday, we will start our normal schedule.


Tonight, everyone has homework.  It is to complete the homework plan and get a parent signature on the paper. The students wrote their homework for the week in their agendas.  Please read and sign the agenda daily.  This is where daily conduct grades will be recorded.  There are a few assignments listed that will require some planning ahead.  (Photos for writing journals, buying 2 jumbo textbook covers, and purchasing a 3 inch binder).  This blog is a great place to go to in case you have difficulty deciphering the agenda.


We are looking forward to a great year!


2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Hi Mr.Attelson when I’m longing onto dreambox it won’t let my username and password go and I’m doing the wright one.

    1. Use the website that is on the 2 ‘directions’ sheets that are in your binder and homework folder. I just tried logging you in and it worked. If it’s asking for an email address, you’re at the wrong place.

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